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    Make GpsData available to Bosun's Logbooks by placing a checkmark in the Link Box on the GpsData Form and then bring up the 'Vessel Position and Course Data' form in Program SetUp.  Notice the Navigation Data is identical.  Now, when you perform data entry in Bosun's Watch Logs, Travel Logs, and Bosun's Waypoint Logs, the related Navigation data will be incoming from the Gps Device.

     Data entry in any of the Logbooks is accomplished by bringing up the desired form and tabbing through from one field to the next or simply clicking in a data field.  The Gps navigational data is now automatically copied in from the Vessel Position and Course Data Screen. 

     As long as the GpsData Form is active, all related navigational fields on the Vessel Position and Course Data screen are locked and cannot be altered by the user.

     Once the GpsData form is closed, the navigational fields on Program SetUp Form are again enabled for use and the color and shading of the data boxes returns to normal.  Data entry returns to manual mode and the Navigation fields reflect data from the last data entry use.  A small manual adjustment is needed to reflect the current position, course or speed.  Once this is done and the desired Logbook closed, the navigational data on the Vessel Position and Course screen is updated with the current information from the Logbook.


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