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     Query's  provide the user with a customized search of the entire Database.  They present a list of only those records that match the search criteria.

  Notice there are 5 fields from which to choose in order to build your Expense Query.

    Once a choice is made, the related Query form is brought up and the Data fields must be filled out.  You can enter either your own Date information or just tab through both Date fields and be presented with the earliest Beginning Date on Record as well as the most recent Ending Date in the entire Database.

    The Item field can be filled from a drop down list of all Expense Items on record or you can use the "wild card" character (*) to customize your search.

    The example here is using the "wild card" character.  It is saying "Show me all the Expense Records in the Expense Log that have  occurred between 8/1/2001 and 4/25/2008 and include the word boat somewhere in the Item field".

   Click Ok to view your Expense Query Results.





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